Life is an adventure. We all have stories that are worth telling. Whether you want to publish your story for the world to read or keep it as a private memento for your family and future generations, I am here to help. Telling our personal stories can be fun, exciting, difficult, and challenging all at the same time. Sometimes there's so much to say that we don't know where to begin. Or, there's a something so painful that finding the right words seems next to impossible even though you want to share it. As a careful listener, I sift through the details and the emotion--the fears, the joys, the disappointments, and the accomplishments--to write your story with an insightful, powerful narrative that keeps your intended readers connected to you the entire time. 

Because memoirs are often deeply personal, I approach them as building a relationship of deep trust, friendship, and understanding. Your stories are kept in strictest confidence and you have complete control of how, when, or if they are ever published or released. Memoir writing is often the most intense form of writing (these stories are, after all, very close to your heart); therefore, I only engage in writing one memoir at a time. Please contact me to inquire about the writing process and scheduling availability.

Letters & Legacy Mentoring

Sometimes all we need is a little help. As part of my Legacy Writing service, I'm happy to help with writing smaller, non-legal legacy documents and letters. I'm also available to help coach you through the writing process if you are looking for guidance on how to write your memoir but prefer to do some or all of the writing yourself. I can help you organize your thoughts, fine-tune your focus, and extract the right details while cheering you on in your efforts and providing an objective, non-threatening perspective.