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From a single page to a full-length manuscript, I can help you write content that will set you apart as a leading expert in your field. As your collaborative ghostwriter, I will help you shape your ideas and organize them into a well-structured, informative narrative. I strive to keep your voice throughout the entire text, so your readers connect with you as the author. It's your expertise and knowledge they are seeking; I help you provide it to them.

Please contact me to learn more about how I can help you keep your blog up-to-date with regularly scheduled posts, or finally get that book you've always wanted to write onto paper. I offer ghostwriting packages ranging from cleaning up your rough drafts to full-scope cover-to-cover writing using your notes or phone interviews. Whichever level of involvement you are seeking, rest assured the final project will clearly be your words, your thoughts, and your voice.

* I do not offer fiction or academic ghostwriting.


While I do not currently offer publication services, I have worked with many clients who have self-published. I am happy to provide guidance on how to get started in that process.

Looking for a traditional publisher? Ask me about my Book Proposal packages and Agent Query Letters. I offer a complimentary book-specific agent query letter with all book-length ghostwriting projects.

Already have an agent or publisher? I am more than happy to work directly with your project editor throughout the writing and development process. I will partner with you from outline through edit, depending on your specific needs.